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International Business Decision Making

(Quantitative Methods)





Introduction         Data Presentation Methods        Systems Thinking

Simulation and Modeling    Forecasting  

Financial Decision Making     Project Management

Chaos Theory


A hearty welcome and a big Hi to all of you.


Before we actually begin with the main subject matter I thought it would be better to introduce to you some relevant details about this subject. This subject is called International Business Decision Making  (Quantitative Methods) (IBU 322). It focuses on the appropriate system concepts and quantitative techniques of business decision making. This course offers basic understanding of simulation concepts, systems methodology, forecasting, networking, chaos theory etc. as major tools used in decision making. It also provides an overview of design and modeling of systems and the use of these models for analysis and experimentation.


The core text for this subject is Mik Wisniewski (1996) "Quantitative Methods for Decision Makers" MacMillan, and David Jennings and Stuart Wattam (2000) "Decision Making - An Integrated Approach" Pitman Publishing. Apart from the two core texts there are various other books, journals and websites that you can effectively make use of to enhance your knowledge. I shall also be providing you various handouts that will assist you in understanding and analyzing the subject in a comprehensive manner.

The assessment of this paper is divided as follows:


Class Attendance and Participation           10 %

Assignment                             (2 X 10%)   20 %

Class Test                                                   10 %

Presentation                                               10 %

Mid Term Exam                     (25 MCQs)  10 %

Final Exam                            (50 MCQs)  40 %


TOTAL                                                       100 %


Further details about each of the above items will be provided to you as and when we approach them. However, do remember that a consistent performance is required throughout the course if you wish to achieve good grades. You must actively involve yourself in class discussions, presentations, home assignments etc. to get a thorough understanding of the subject and to support your answers with creative analysis, examples and insight. I hope now you have a clear view of the subject and it's effort requirements. 


To give you a holistic picture of the various chapters in the subject, I have prepared a route map of IBDM and the course contents can also be viewed at the end of this document.


If you need any assistance, regarding any aspect about the subject, please feel free to contact me. 


I expect you to put in sincere efforts towards this subject and at the same time I promise you that I will leave no stone unturned in making IBDM a most enjoyable and enriching experience for you all.


Take care and keep smiling :-)


Mr. Kishore Kumar








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