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Greetings from  Kishore Kumar


This website is a small step towards helping all my students in their ongoing quest for wisdom. You will find resources on various topics on this site which shall be of invaluable aid for your course. The materials posted will be updated periodically, so make sure to catch up with the latest knowledge.


Please read further if you want to know more about me...or select from the appropriate links above and let your mind take off. As the saying goes " A small step for a student and a giant leap for his studies". :-)


About Me


My friends and family wish me Happy Birthday on the 20th of August. Yes, that makes me a Leo.  


I completed the first twelve years of my schooling in a CBSE based     school majoring in Commerce in my senior secondary years and completing my school life with a distinction. Moving further, I acquired a Bachelor of Commerce degree from the University of Delhi, India and then achieved an MBA (Marketing) from the University of Lincolnshire and Humberside, U.K. 


I have always been interested in education, and in gaining information about a diverse range of activities and areas. To constantly gain more knowledge and to impart this knowledge to others is a very enriching and rewarding experience and I have thus undertaken the noble profession of Teaching.


I live my life with a personal mission, which is "e3+3d = success". It stands for Excellence in Every Endeavor through Dedication, Determination and Devotion. This makes me confident about any activity that I undertake, and I always make sure that I give my best shot to any work that I do.


I believe that we all have a strong potential lying within us and it is only a matter of time and effort before we realize the strong gifts that we have been endowed upon by nature.


I have learnt that to achieve something big in life one has to think big too..and many a times he/she has to sacrifice big too. But always remember that an organized and disciplined mind, combined with sheer hard work can face any challenge that the world puts one through.


Just say " I CAN " !!!


Take care and keep smiling :-))


Kishore Kumar




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