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Here are some articles that I have written



I Believe…


I believe in myself for if I didn’t I wouldn’t have written this in the first place.

I believe in this country and it's care under which I came as a toddler and reached this age


I believe in my teachers, the books, the schools, colleges and institutions where most of my life was spent.

I believe in the magic of music which helps relive the moments of sorrow and pain, of joy and entertainment.


I believe in the fragrance of flowers who through their varied colors, shape and size carry messages in different ways

I believe in the technology- the internet and the way it continues to revolutionize the world and keep everyone amazed.


I believe in the smiles that bring happiness to others and is shared by everyone big or small.

I believe in the care for everyone - animals, environment…this world is meant for all.


I believe in hard work and quality of perfection

I believe in creative action and dedication


I believe in the sanctity of life, of man's noble ways.

I believe in God's love, His blessings and His tests that make one suffer someday but promise bliss 'oneday'.


I believe in 'something' that my eyes have been waiting for long

I believe in my 'sole wish' which goes on and on…just like my favorite song.


I believe in the mysteries of the future and all that it holds

I believe in the prospects and uncertainties…I wait to see how the stories unfold.


I believe in YOU, for I believe you believe in me too…

And if that wasn’t the case, then you wouldn’t have read all this in the first place !!!




My Philosophy


For the world is galloping towards it's end, can someone avert the catastrophic disaster capable of ending the posterity. Isn't it anyone contemplation to make it unviable. We have to shun our arrogant nature otherwise the world is bound to be at sixes and sevens. Throw our malice and develop a rapt rapport, continue our vespers and we shall soon hearken the bells of positive vicissitude.




I - What towards Where


I was alone

and my soul was dead

The fire that burned within me was cold as ice

but it did not melt


Although the sun of knowledge had risen

it was still dark

Darkness surrounded with the clouds of anger

and the mist of hate


I was a rock of cotton

hard though I may seem

I wanted to be soft - truly

The ripples of love were stationary

the waves of good motionless

It had been inscribed in my heart

with white charcoal

Moving along the journey

endlessly I sought my unknown goal


What had changed me

what would it take to change

I felt the power, courage, determination

beyond my range


Come but the day will soon

I will rise high and shine

like the glowing bright moon

Fight I will if though someone dares

but with all tenderness, love and care

I will achieve success fair and square.




I - Now towards Then


I want to learn to come up in life

But I have been deprived of my rights


For years I have been struggling, for years I took pains

But I haven't got my rewards, I haven't received my gains


To survive yes but I will fight - with mental determination, courage and might

I am not frightened by the darkest nights

for I await the shining, glowing morning light


To prove one day I will surely arise

from the sunken spirits of the deepest oceans

cutting the hollow feelings of weakness and loss

When I by myself will not be alone

the song will be different and so will be the tone


Then you stood, now you will fall

you might plead, you will call

but your voice will not cross my fortress wall


Change is the essence and will take place

I might have been weak yesterday

But I'm strong today

The ball might have been in your court then

But now it's my turn to play.



Our Last Journey…


To move ahead we join hands

to fall behind we leave alone

We move in circles that do not repeat

as life is folded in various pleats

Then comes a time, the heaven bells chime

now we shall move, leave behind prime.

We will be judged depending on the crime

"Give him the heaven, send him to hell"

- will be the verdicts fine

Nothing so good, nothing seems well

though we move ahead by joining hands

divided we will leave, alone we shall stand.





A strong current of wind blew, chilled to it's inmost depths…it's movements and wiggling dances left me motionless. There were no trees whose leaves could be see romancing to the tunes of nature, no flowers to depict their brightest colors, and no men to witness this unique extravaganza. Yet, there I was alone, enjoying the beauty of the deep blue ocean, with the light of my twinkling eyes silhouetted against the shine of the moonlit sky, listening so calmly to the music of the eternal waves I had a smile on my face when…




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