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Course Description

The course is essential for students undertaking a dissertation project in the course of study. It aims at guiding, explaining and describing different stages of conducting research in a logical sequence. It highlights on the nature and purpose of research, the qualities of a good researcher and overview of the research process. It examines the practical issues relating to research, supervision, finding and guiding access to information on a specified time-scale. Besides, high lights on the different approaches to research, generate a research topic and conduct literature search. It emphasizes on design of a project, research finding and viva.

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of this subject, the student would be able to:

        understand various stages of conducting research in a logical sequence

       understand the qualities of a good researcher, research process, approaches to research

       generate topic for research and conduct literature review

       focus on collection of marginal data, presenting data, writing research report, viva and publish findings.


Course Contents

       Definition and purpose of research, types of research and characteristics of a good research project.

       Managing research, types of research methodology

       Generating research topic, starting literature review

       Determining research design

       Appropriate data collection methods

       Analyzing qualitative / quantitative data

       Writing up the project and achieving the standards


Academic Strategies

       Class room lectures

       Case studies

       Workshops in designing questionnaires

       Group discussions



A students performance is assessed in each registered course out of 100 percent marks.  Mode of assessment:


Continued Assessment                                                                                              60%


         Attendance and class participation                                  10%                        (Continuous Assessment)

         Research Proposal Assignment                                        10 %                       (Wed. 6 October 2004)

         Literature Review Assignment                                          10 %                       (Wed. 3 November 2004)

         Questionnaire Design and Analysis Assignment          10 %                       (Wed. 15 December 2004)

         Mid Term                                                                               20 %                       (6 11 November 2004


Final Examination                                                                                                         40%       (8 13 January 2005)


TOTAL                                                                                                                          100 %



90 +             A

80 - 89         B

70 - 79        C

60 - 69        D

Below 60    F


Indicative Reading

Core text

Cooper, D. R and Schindler P.S. (2003) Business Research Methods (Eighth Edition): TATA McGraw Hill

Reference Books

Gill, John / Johnson, Phil Research Methods for Managers Paul Chapman

G. C. Berry, Marketing Research, Tat McGraw Hill

David Luck & Rona Rubin, Marketing Research, PHI

Donald S. Tull,  Marketing Research Measurement and Methods, PHI


Virtual Library Sources:



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