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Please prepare your dissertation in accordance with the guidelines given below:
Preliminary pages must include
i.         Title page                           (this will include your dissertation title, your name, your
college name, and date of submission) 
ii.       Acknowledgements            (thank all teachers, librarians, other officials and respondents
you met everyone who played some major role in helping you complete your dissertation can be offered a word of thanks)
iii.      Abstract                             (a summary of your work around one or two pages at the
                                          most300 500 words
iv.     List of contents                   (a detailed list of all the headings and sub-headings in your
dissertation along with the correct page numbers
v.       List of figures                      (a list of all the diagrams in your dissertation along with their
corresponding page numbers)
vi.     List of tables                       (a list of all the tables in your dissertation along with their
corresponding page numbers)
vii.    List of graphs                      (a list of all the graphs in your dissertation along with their
corresponding page numbers)
The dissertation must include the following 5 chapters:
Chapter 1 Introduction
Chapter 2 Literature review
Chapter 3 Research methodology
Chapter 4 Data findings and analysis
Chapter 5 Conclusion and recommendations
For details on each of the above chapters please visit
      As a general rule, each chapter should start with its own separate introduction which informs the reader what is written in that chapter.
      Each chapter should also have a separate reference list, at the end of the chapter. This should include those sources (books, magazines, websites, journals etc.) referred to for preparing that particular chapter only. Thus, you will have 5 separate reference lists for the 5 chapters.  Remember, referencing is very very important and must be done in the right format. Thus, referencing involves the following:
Check for details on how to write referencing in the text, and bibliography.
      Appendix must be included after the bibliography. Make sure to include a sample blank questionnaire and other relevant information. Do not fill the appendix with material that may not really be essential.
You should also take care to structure the dissertation as follows:
      Arial/Times new roman, one and a half spacing, font size 12, alignment justified. Leave at least one inch for top, bottom and right margin and one-and-a-half inch for left margin (to allow for binding).
      Do not enlarge headings and sub-headings. These could merely be made bold.
      Numbered bullets and sub-bullets should be used for headings and sub-headings respectively.
      All tables and graphs should be numbered, and must have a title. The color and type of the graphs should reflect neatness, consistency and professionalism.
      Including appropriate headers and footers will help enhance the look of your dissertation.
Remember, pages must be numbered. Pages are numbered in the following format:
to the last page of the bibliography                              1, 2, 3
Your dissertation is assessed on the following parameters:
Style of communication, Investigate work, Academic work, Context of existing knowledge, Understanding of the subject, Critical thinking, Originality, Overall presentation
Remember, your dissertation should not be merely descriptive but analytical and must reflect your original research. 
For a detailed explanation on all aspects of writing a dissertation visit
Wishing you all the best !!!